I am excited and yet anxious. This is a big change for me. I think that the older we get the harder it is to make these big changes. I know that this is right for us. We all need our own space and room to do our own thing.
I will have my own room for sewing and crafts. I look forward to making and selling some of my creations. I will also have a work shop for all my tools and a place to store my soap making supplies.
We are only moving 35 miles but it might as well be a hundred miles. I will be leaving my church family. In a way this is good since I will be able to take a little time off, just sit in church and be fed. It has been many years since I just sat in a congregation and listened to a pastor and did not have to worry about my responsibilities in another building.
I keep thinking about Michael W. Smith’s song “Friends”. I know that even though we will not see each other we will still be connected and “friends forever”.
This journey has been bathed in prayer from the beginning and each step of the way. God has led us to a beautiful home with room to garden, have my chickens and bee hives. Our new home is on almost two acres. It is out in the country, but close to major roads.
I have been slowly boxing what I could for months, now that we have a new home and date the pressure is on and I have made progress. I am thankful that God has given me the strength to do this. Being able to do my own packing will save us a lot of money. Me being frugal has helped us a lot in the past.
Right now I am trying not to buy anything unless necessary. Thankfully my shopping habits of buying extra when things are on sale are helping us out. I am just able to get food from the freezer or off the shelf, which is great with all the extra expenses.
This is such a rambling post, but this is the way my brain is working right now. I keep thinking of a million things that I need to do. I know I am bugging my husband, but I am a planner. I like knowing everything up front. I want to know where every piece of furniture is going to fit and where I am going to put things in the kitchen. Where do I put towels? How am I going to set up my sewing room? I know that a lot will be decided after moving in, but that does not stop me from planning as much as I can. At least closing is not until October 24th and that gives me time. Time to plan and time to drive my husband crazy. Thankfully he loves me and looks past my flaws. Thank you God for such a wonderful husband.

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