Essential Oils

As a nurse, I bought into all the cures that the drug companies had for us. I took pills for allergies and one for heart palpations, synthroid for low thyroid, a water pill, then potassium for the muscle cramps (caused by the water pill), anti-inflamatory for arthritis, oral pill for diabetes, and a purple pill for indigestion (it did not help). Then there was steriod spray for my nose allergies, and inhaler for asthma. At least two times a year I got bronchitis and then I had prednisone, antibiotics and breathing treatments.

My life started changing three years ago. I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I gave up gluten and the indigestion went away. Then my sugar levels became normal. No more purple pill or oral diabetes meds.

Then one year ago a dear friend introduced me to essential oils. I found they can be used to heal without the man-made drugs and all the harmful side effects. Most of the man-made drugs are coverups and do not heal.  I slowly started feeling better. I no longer take any prescription drugs. I have not taken an ibuprofen in over a year. I use doTerra oils and vitamins. DoTerra oils are unlike any other. The plants are grown where they are indigenous and various methods are used to extract the oils. There are no chemicals used in the extraction process.  Essential oils can be used to heal your body from bacterial and viral infections, pain and many other issues.

Essential oils were man’s first medicine. The Bible tells us of oils used in the Old and New Testament.

I used to get every illness that my family brought home. I have not had bronchitis in over a year.  My daughter had a stomach virus and I was sick for about 4 hours. My daughter and granddaughter get sick and I stay well – pretty good for someone with a weak immune system.

The nurse in me says to trust all that the FDA says is ok. But when my doctor wanted me to take Lipitor for high cholesterol, I refused. Lipitor was taken off the market because it was unsafe and then the FDA allowed it to come back and do more harm. I will not take a drug that scares me more than a heart attack. So now I watch what I eat, use my essential oils and take my vitamins.

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